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Picture of Blind Date Display
Blind Date with a Book Display, Richland Library Main First Level

#BroaderBookshelf - Blind Date with a Book June 2017

Looking for a more fun and interactive way to read? As part of your Summer Learning Challenge why don't you take part in the #BroaderBookshelf project, a librarian-tailored reading challenge designed to expand your reading repertoire and guide you to enjoyable reading outside of your comfort zone. #BroaderBookshelf is a yearlong challenge so you don't have to finish by the end of summer, but you can definitely get started now!

What better way to challenge yourself than to read a book that you can't judge by its cover or the text written on the flyleaf? All you have to go on is a teaser to give you just a hint of what you might find between its pages. That's Blind Date with a Book which is going on now at Richland Library Main.

From June 1-30, 2017, Richland Library Main, would like to “fix you up” on a blind date! We have selected a variety of books and wrapped them up in brown paper so that you won’t know the identity of your blind date till you get them home.

You can find the Blind Date with a Book displays on the first, second, and third levels of Richland Library Main. The books with blue labels are intended for an adult audience, the Teen Center staff has wrapped books that have an orange label, and our Children’s Room staff have books with the Richland Library logo shape on them.

The Blind Date Books include a mixture of fiction and nonfiction with a blend of genres and writing styles. Each wrapped book has a “personal ad” attached to it, and if you like what you “see,” check the book out, take it home and unwrap it, and then spend some time getting to know your date.

Look for exciting "personal ads" like these:

Adult selections (1st & 3rd levels of Richland Library Main)

Do you have a passion for French food and a soft spot for the downtrodden? Check me out! (Nonfiction)

Who says a promiscuous man can't become husband material? Check me out and discover how one man turned his mistakes into life lessons to help women learn the game. Ladies: He's definitely eye candy... (Fiction)

Do you feel warmly about espionage? I'm a spy novel in which the action abounds, but I'm not just a cheap thrill. I've been called a "finely wrought thriller" with "knife-edged suspense". Serious suspense readers should check me out. (Fiction)

I'm a fictionalized memoir about despair, alcoholism, and football. Check me out if you like to read about obsession and miserable, awful people. (Fiction)

This book is a beloved American classic about a young girl's coming of age at the turn of the century. Moving, honest, true, heartbreaking at times but also very relatable and uplifting, a must read! (Fiction)

Looking for a fellow animal lover who enjoys digging deep into the amazing and complex lives of our fine feathered friends. Fly along with me for a fascinating read! (Nonfiction)

Teen Selection (Richland Library Main, 2nd Level)

Beauty. Blackmail. Betrayal. In the palace of Versailles, secrets are impossible to keep. This genre-bending story will leave you breathless. (Fiction)

Pick me up if you love the outdoors and animals, with a side of warzone survival. (Fiction)

A powerful memoir that examines the lives of two young men who must make difficult choices to survive in an urban battleground. What leads one to success and the other to tragedy? (Nonfiction)

A guide to understanding what it really means to be a feminist. This collection covers a wide range of topics from body positivity to gender identity by a diverse cast of authors. (Nonfiction)

Kid's Selection (Visit the Children's Room staff at their temporary location at Richland Library Main, Level 1)

A brave young man fights to be reunited with the horse he loves during World War I. Recommended for ages 9-12

Explore the shapes in the city. Recommended for ages 3-7.

Perhaps you will find the book of your dreams! However, if you find the book not to your liking, simply return it to the library with no hurt feelings. If you can't get your Blind Date with Book selection in June to complete your #BroaderBookshelf challenge, look for it again in December 2017.