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Eastover Community Photograph Submissions

Share your photos of the people and places in Eastover and historic lower Richland County, S.C. Richland Library will select items that are historically and socially relevant for all to enjoy. In addition to contributing to the community page, Richland Library may add your photographs to the Richland Library Digital Collection to preserve and broaden the depth of information available to current and future researchers.

  • By submitting your materials you are giving Richland Library permission to display digital reproductions on the Lower Richland County Community collection Flickr page.
  • Accepted materials will be visible to all website users so please consider the privacy of others and young children when you offer your material to the collection. Also, select images that show people at their best.
  • Do verify/identify your information when you upload items. We want to know more about the item and its context. Only you know the story behind your materials and only you can tell us that story.
  • Promotional material will not be accepted.
  • Richland Library does not assume responsibility for infringement of copy or publication rights of manuscripts, photographs or audio-visual material that are held by the creator, or any other heirs, donors or executors.
  • Users are expected to be aware of all relevant laws concerning copyright, protection of privacy, and libel and shall indemnify the Richland Library against any legal consequences arising from their use of the material.

You can submit a copy of your family photos by contacting the Walker Local and Family History Center of the Richland Library at (803) 929-3402 or uploading it here.

A short title describing your photograph.
Include details about your photograph including the names of people pictured, the date and event pictured, location, photographer or author of the document and any other relevant descriptive details.
Your e-mail address.
Select and submit your image file here. Files must be no more than 2 MB. Accepted formats are .jpg .gif or .png
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg png.